Audi Tracker allowed users to track their journeys. As well as tracking the distance, duration and cost of journeys, it also provided the average speed, efficiency and the percentage of the journey that could be covered by the electric engine if you had been driving an e-tron.

The app let you log, manage and share the journeys you took. Live GPS tracking or simple manual entry meant you spent less time logging your journeys. The journeys were saved in a log book, so if you ever needed to expense a journey or wanted to improve your efficiency rating for example, you could always refer back to them. You could also view your cumulative data over time, with all data exportable to your email, making claiming expenses quick and easy.

We built an algorithm into the application, which meant we could determine the most suitable Audi engine for you dependent on your distance, speed and specific route. The recommendation became smarter over time using your cumulative journey data, If for example you were doing shorter journeys, you may have wanted to consider the e-tron plug-in hybrid.


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